9 Reasons To Use Trinity For Your Next Quote

1. We respond same day. When you send in a submission to us, your application will not get lost in the abyss. We respond right away letting you know who will be working on your account. We’ve been known to quote within 15 minutes of your application being sent in!

2. We answer the phone when you call. Even if it’s a Friday afternoon, we’ll answer your call, email, text or smoke signal. One of the huge advantages of us being Canadian, is that you’re able to get a hold of us during your time zones and we take the same holidays that you do!

3. We don’t put money in your competitor’s pockets. We are privately owned and not owned by one of your retail broker competitors.

4. We work with you on tougher risks. We’re not afraid of tougher risks like MedTech Developers for Wearable Technologies, Design & Build Engineers, or coverage for Social Media Influencers. To help you retain accounts, we also assist by providing excess layers on your existing policies, quoting policies in US dollars, or working with you to build specific coverages.

5. When you submit to us, you get a quote directly from us. By being a true underwriting manager, we have the in-house expertise to quote your business personally. We don’t wholesale your business. Our quotes are from us, not from some other overseas company. That way we keep the transaction costs down and pass those savings on to your clients.

6. We help you win the business. Our underwriters have expertise in all our areas of focus, enabling you to get immediate answers to your client’s questions. We’re happy to jump on client conference calls with you or take the time to fully explain our coverage and how it applies to your client’s exposures.

7. We’re Canadian, just like you. Our claims are handled domestically by our in-house TPA. You’ll frequently see our underwriters in your area at local trade shows giving away custom pens, shouting “Trinity” at industry socials, or dropping by for a personalized in-office visit.

8. We provide coverage your clients actually need. We insure intangible assets through a variety of Professional Liability products. We work with you on tweaking products for customized coverage your clients actually need. We don’t just quote a bunch of useless “throw-ins” they don’t need. (Does a Life Coach really need a Pollution Sub-limit?)

9. We accept your application your way. We encourage you to submit your risks however you prefer, whether it’s on Trinity’s form or someone else’s, over the phone or through one of our digital offerings. We make it as painless as possible for you to get a quote from us.

Let Trinity be your Specialty solution.


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