Free General Legal Advice Hotline

Did you know Trinity now offers a Free General Legal Advice Hotline on all Professional Liability policies?

Any Insured who purchases a Professional Liability policy with us will now receive full access to our General Legal Advice Hotline. It’s operational 24/7, with lawyers on call from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., Monday to Friday. This service is included in the premium at no additional charge. And, the advice is not restricted to the coverage provided; it can relate to any commercial legal matter.

We recognize that there are many small businesses these days that do not have legal services on retainer. As an added feature to our policies, we put together a service for your clients to be able to access free legal advice to help them keep their legal costs under control.

A few examples of when your client might be able to utilize this service:

  • We have adopted a zero-policy approach to kickbacks in the firm. How can we implement disciplinary sanctions for our top salesperson without compromising their commitment to the firm?

  • Our new president has decided to implement criminal background checks on all staff. I have been employed there for decades, but I have a misdemeanor on my record. I don’t want to quit but I am afraid that it will damage my reputation. They trusted me for years.

  • What should we do if we think a procedural change will cause us to be in breach of contract?

  • I carry on my practice in a team of multidisciplinary professionals. What are the rules governing the use of a professional corporation?

  • The new director has adopted a whole series of complicated and unnecessary procedures and the staff members are grumbling about chaos. How can I help them to accept the need to comply with the new boss without alienating the team?

It is possible that at some point or another your policyholders will need to assert their rights. This hotline gives your clients access to a vast team of experienced lawyers, allowing them to properly diagnose a legal dispute, explain it in a simple form and advise them accurately on their rights.

This commercial legal assistance service gives your insured’s access to:

  • Highly qualified in-house attorneys to answer their legal questions

  • Legal information covering issues such as operations, real estate, contracts, labour, business administration, and consumer law

  • An unlimited number of calls

For more information on Trinity’s Legal Advice Hotline, please feel free to reach out anytime.


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