New Developments At Trinity

Almost half-way through the year and so far, so good. Some upheaval in the market but we like to think we’re an island of stability!

Trinity has tried to help you meet your goals by improving our service (almost 60% of our quotes now go out the same day we receive the request), maintaining commissions in the top quartile, and aggressively targeting new business opportunities. You have supported us by binding new accounts with us and for that we are grateful. We want to give you more reasons to do business with us and so I want to highlight a few new developments at Trinity.

  • Introduction of our new “hotline”. All Insureds who purchase a Professional Liability policy with Trinity now receive full access to our General Legal Advice Hotline. It’s operational 24/7, with lawyers on call from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Friday. This service is included in the premium at no additional charge. And the advice is not restricted to the coverage provided; it can relate to any legal matter at all.

  • A major revamp of our key wordings, including the Technology wording, the Engineers Errors & Omissions wording and our Management Liability wording. Full details of these changes will follow shortly. As a teaser, we can now offer full policy limits for first party Cyber coverage on both our Tech and E&O forms, we will now offer Sudden and Accidental Pollution as a sub-limit on our Engineering wording, and we have also restructured our Tech policy to provide two simple Insuring Agreements, 1) for third-party exposures, and 2) for first party exposures.

  • An overhaul of our website. It’s now simpler to navigate. We spend less time showing you random photos of a cityscape or actors sitting around a boardroom table, and more time directing you to the information you actually need like product descriptions, applications, and key contact info.

For more detail on these initiatives, please contact any one of us here at Trinity, including Chelsea Petre, our National Sales Manager, and Sarah Suschkov, our Specialty Lines Manager.

In the works: a better tech solution for the handling of routine renewals and program business. Stay tuned on our enhanced facilities to follow.

If there's anything we can do better for you, please let us know.


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