About Trinity

Trinity is a true underwriting manager with in-house authority and underwriting expertise. We don't wholesale. If you get a quote from us, it's from us, not some other overseas company. That way we can quote most business the same day, keep the transaction costs down and we can pass those savings on to your clients.


Many of your Insureds' assets have historically been tangible (inventory, land, cars), but today have become intangible (intellectual property, brand recognition, data). Trinity focuses on insuring those intangible assets through a variety of products (E&O, Cyber, D&O, Legal Expense). In doing so, we help your clients focus on the important tasks, like building their businesses.


We're backed by two of the three largest A rated reinsurers in the country, allowing us access to their resources, knowledge, and expertise. We're Canadian, and claims are handled domestically by our in-house TPA. We are not owned by a retail broker. When you use us, you're not putting money in your competitor's pockets.

Let Trinity be your Specialty solution.

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