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About Trinity

Founded in 2014, Trinity’s goal is to be one of the leading MGAs in Canada. Only our clients can judge if we are succeeding in that goal or not. To accomplish it we have to meet your needs, not ours.

Michael McLachlan, Trinity’s president has over forty years experience in the Canadian Insurance industry, on all sides of the business, broking, reinsurance, primary insurers, and MGAs. The market relationships he has built ensure that Trinity is able to provide consistent, stable products and services, always with a view to the long term. Trinity has a group of energetic and technically strong underwriters who understand the challenges Brokers face in their quest to provide their clients with broad, reliable coverage.

Trinity is majority owned by Canadian investors, with a small supporting investment from one of the largest Reinsurers in the world. This enables it to provide nimble and flexible insurance solutions, with the backing of huge financial resources.

The most important aspects of any relationship are trust and integrity. It has been said that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only a moment to lose it. Trinity is aware of that and we want our clients to feel completely safe entrusting us with the protection of their clients assets.

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