Research & Development

 Target Classes:


• Antibody discovery (contract for anti-pandemic defense

   with DARPA)
 CROs involved in Phase I - III Clinical Trials

 Laboratories involved in:
• Testing and Analysis

   • Synthesis

   • Drug Discovery
 Pharmaceutical consultants
 Biotech company developing 3D Bioprinted Organs
 Development and sale of Synthetic RNA for CRISPR
   Research & Development

 Design & Build of Satellite Transponder & Grounding
   Station for Emissions Research Projects

 Installation Contractors for Greenhouses
 Ancillary Cannabis Testing and Research & Development

Sarah Suschkov, Specialty Lines Manager | TRINITY UNDERWRITING

Sarah Suschkov
Specialty Lines Manager

Products Available:

Products Liability (Claims-Made Basis)
 Premises Liability (Occurrence Basis)
 Domestic and US / Foreign Clinical Trial coverage

 Mitigation Expenses
 Product Recall Expense Reimbursement (Class 1)

 Worldwide Coverage

 Biocontamination Coverage

 Extended Pollution Coverage
 Barcode Coverage
 Product Tampering Extension


 Professional Liability – up to $5,000,000 limit
 Medical Products Liability – up to $10,000,000 limit
 General Liability – up to $10,000,000 limit
 Minimum Deductible: $1,000
 Minimum Premium: $1,250

Available Options:

 Primary or Excess Limits

 Side A, B and C – up to $5,000,000 limit
 Employment Practices Liability – up to $5,000,000 limit
 Fiduciary Liability – up to $5,000,000 limit
 Employee Crime – up to $2,000,000 limit
 Additional Side A limit
 Extensions: investigation cost, occupational health
   & safety, extradition costs and reputational damage

 Individual or Entity coverage
 Independent Contractors covered
 Breach of Contract
 Worldwide coverage

 General Legal Advice Hotline


 Medical Malpractice – up to $5,000,000 limit
 Minimum Deductible: $0
 Minimum Premium: $500

More Packaged Coverage Available:

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