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Product Packages

Our Toronto, ON company offers product packages designed to provide ideal insurance options for a broad range of industries and classes.

Trinity Underwriting’s clients have various coverage needs to protect their assets. The rates may depend on which risk group you fall into, and we will help you determine which options suit your needs. We offer such essential insurance products as medical malpractice, errors and omissions, directors and officers liability, and cyber coverage. Our underwriting team will help you determine the best package to safeguard your assets and protect you from liability issues.

Serving a Wide Array of Industries

Businesses of all types need coverage for a variety of situations that might threaten their assets. Trinity Underwriting specializes in providing product packages for specific industries covering a multitude of risks associated with their professional fields. Technology companies, medical clinics, engineers, spa services, and pharmaceuticals, all require insurance options because of the possible legal and financial situations resulting from their research, products, and many types of services. Our expertise applies to many industries, including the following:

Unique Products at Competitive Rates

We support our broker network by offering products that are currently under served by Canada’s largest insurers. As a specialty market with in-house writing authority, we have the flexibility to control our rates and offer greater liability limits than some typical markets. We offer the following products:

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